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Welcome to Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

We are the one of most innovative roll forming machine producers in China—Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter collectively referred to as “Dahezb

Set up in 2009 as a specialized manufacturer in High Quality Roll forming equipment for the construction of Light Gauge Steel Framing structures & Cold Formed Steel structures.

In 2014, We Established two Subsidiaries in China.

1)     Xiamen Dahezhongbang Construction Engineering Technology Services Co., Ltd.  Which is specialized support our clients with building materials, house designing training, construction technology training, designing service etc.

2)     Xiamen Magnetic Fore Science Co.,Ltd.  This company is created for our own control software development, machine improvement and machine control system customization service.

In March. 2017, we become a stock company.

Later soon, at June 2017, we established an oversea Subsidiary in Los Angeles, CA, which is named Hi-Tech Building Solution Inc.

In September 2018, India branch starts running in Delhi.

We are having a rich experience of 20 years into the business of Roll Forming Machine Line Manufacturing and Exporting. We currently have machines in over 40 countries worldwide.

Dahezb are specialized manufacturing CZ shape metal roll forming equipment. Purlins are typically used for garage, warehouse, factory, barns, workshops, sheds, self storage facilities and commercial buildings.

As well we have accessed in the industry which called Light gauge steel structure. We also have specific machines for wall stud & track, Floors joists and Trusses.

Dahezb specializes in Designing and Manufacturing Steel Framing Machines for Panels, Trusses and Floor Joists in

  • Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Steel framed systems for modular & prefabricated buildings
  • Walls framed for low and high rise buildings
  • Walling, floors, beams, roofing, kitchen & bathroom pods
  • Storage, recreational, transportable dwellings