Cooperate & Services

Time: 2020-09-23 From: Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Cooperate & Services

1. Business Precessing

Information collection ⇒ Technology check ⇒ House type confirmation, Sign the contract ⇒ Deepen the design, customer confirmation ⇒ CFS manufacture and all materials preparation ⇒ Pre-fabricate at factory ⇒ Transport ⇒ Installation

Business Precessing

2. Cooperate ways

  1. Cooperate with the government or other investors to jointly develop low-carbon housing demonstration projects.
  2. Provide customers with design, CFS framing, enclosure materials and supporting parts, and send technical personnel to
    guide the installation.
  3. Provide customers with housing design, CFS framing, enclosure materials and supporting parts, and complete thehousing
  4. The two parties establish a joint venture company, work together and jointly management and develop the market, The
    mode of cooperation shall be discussed according to the actual situation.


3. CFS building 10 questions

01、What is CFS building material?

With CFS as the structure, and structural board, heat preservation board,
exterior wall decoration board and other boards assembled.

02、What is the price of CFS building?

The price of CFS building is depend on the basic factors: Wall structure;
Materials; Building type; Decoration. There is a general offer for the general

03、How safe are the CFS building safe? What parameters do we need to
consider? The CFS building is very safe. During designing the building, it will take full
consideration of the design technology of the CFS building and all kinds of
natural conditions in the location, mainly including: Life, Anti-earthquake, Fire
protection, Wind resistance, Heat preservation, Sound insulation, moisture
resistance,Ventilation, Snow load resistance Impact resistance of exterior
wall ,Load of the 2 floor ,Anti-termite.etc.

04、How much is the amount of steel that CFS building usuage per 1m2?
Does this steel rust?

Different building, different materials, dosage has a difference, Normally
dosage: 25-35kg/ ㎡. The steel anti-corrosion life is 100-150 years. The yield
strength of the steel is Q550, which is the highest level of steel strength and
sufficient to meet the construction requirements of low-floor buildings.

05、How many the height and span of CFS building?

The height and span are depend on the customer’s requirements. Normally,
the height is about 3m, span is 7m.

06、How about the new material safe for CFS building? Are the materials
used fireproof?
CFS building use green materials, formaldehyde free, radioactive elements
free, VOC free or any other harmful elements to human health. heat
preservation board, (extrusion board, polyurethane) are B1 class fireproof.

07、Is the installation of water line and electricity line in CFS building safe?
Water line and electricity line are very safety, in the beginning of the design has
been reserved for the safety of water line and electricity line holes, and the
building circuit is through the line pipe and water will press test.

08、How long does it take to build a CFS building? How about the usable
Different building different worktime. Normally, 200-300 ㎡ /25 days or so/2
persons /8H labor. The construction of a 300 ㎡ building will take less than3

09、How about CFS building after – sale service?
Warranty for 5 year.

10、The construction of CFS building can handle building license?
Building property license can be handled depends on the building is legal and
the land, not on the materials of the building.