• Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10
  • Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10

Step 1. Vertex BD Design Software

Construction design through Vertex BD design software, design data NC output to production software

Step 2. HBS LGS Production System

Input design data from Vertex BD NC output. Self-develop HBS LGS Production system Controls the production equipment and refine the frame structure

Vertex BD software Design

Step 3. HBS Machine

The PLC panel is able to make clear to each component production current process. It can timely reproduce any failed products resulted from any reasons in the production process

Step 4. Assembly

Different components have independent inkjet coding. Assembly as per the drawing from Vertex BD software.

LGS Production System with Two Features

Feature 1. Material Saving:

With the output code of Vertex software, there is always an inevitable material waste of 45-50mm when it comes to one part with chamfer cut or with flat cut, such wastage can amazingly reach 1.7-2.1%. Based on above calculation, a yearly production of 5000 Tonapproximate will generate 100 tons wastes. However, in view of this situation, HBS LGS production system has made a serials optimization, which minimizes the wastage to a minimum. (See below photos for reference)

light gauge machine 1 light gauge machine LG10


                                                              Traditional wastes material between each pieces


light gauge machine 2

                                                    HBS Equipment controlled the waste to a minimum


Feature 2. No Jammedon Machine

In many cases, when it comes to large door and windows(pic.1 red circle part), there is a special design on the header, Crip stud or Jack stud. To ensure the structure intensity, the designer would normally design the column parts into groups like pic.2.  Such structure component parts are rather easy to jam the machine. It might take at least 1 hours to debug machine with askillful operator. The roller space has to be readjusted after the debug, otherwise it may bring severe damage like Shafter breaking, Roller crushing etc. Sheet are wasted again during the machine readjusting.

HBShas invested capital & resource in improving LGS equipment especially on the roll forming station & Shearing station, to make sure machine wont get jammed while producing special columns.


Light Gauge Steel Machine LG-10light gauge machine 4

                                         Pic1                                                                                                           Pic2

                                                                                Column parts into group design examples

light gauge machine 5 light gauge machine 7

Machine Equipment


light gauge machine 8


II、Flow Chart

De-coiler→ Leveling Device→ Punching Device→ Roll Forming System→Cutting Device →Out-let table

III、Machine Pictures

dahezbforming light gauge steel machine LG10

dahezbforming light gauge steel machine LG10


Machine Components


     De-coiler Type: Auto Hydraulic de-coiler

     Weight capacity: 3.0T 
light gauge machine 12   


All punching dies are made from Cr12Mov.

Holes parameter is able to set by computer; Hole Type can be customized.

light gauge machine 13


3.Rolling Forming System

Main motor type: servo motor

Speed of forming: 48m/min

Roller: 12 groups of rollers.

Shaft & Frame: Shafts of rollers are tooled by grinding machine for two times to ensure the precision of final product.

The frame is designed as strong as required to bear the whole rollers and shafts.

Material of main shaft : 40Cr.

Machine frame Material of frame: A3# steel

4. Hydraulic Cutting 

Cutting material:  Cr12MoV

5.Online printer:

Online inkjet printing system. Marks and Item Number are available to be printed on the flange side for easy assembling pieces to pieces.

6.Out-let Table

4 meter Product support frame

C stud to the stack platform..

7.Safety Guard: Safety Guard covers the whole machine to ensure worker’s safe. 

light gauge machine 14

8.Computer system.

light gauge machine 15


9.Control panel 

  • Control the quantity & punching length & cutting length automatically
  • The Machine will be stopped while it is punching and cutting
  • Automatic Length measures and quantity counting (precision +- 1mm)

 Design Software Part – Vertex BD Pro

(International leading brand for LGS construction design)

light gauge machine


The design system includes the following software modules:

The standard package contains: – Architectural Design

  • Full architectural drawings
  • 3D browser with furniture & accessories
  • Tools for creating presentable models (e.g. Fascia, Soffits, Window & Door
    Trims, Guttering…) – 3D Modelling and 2D Drafting – DWG, DXF, 3DS, IGES and SAT -interfaces – Archiving tools – OpenGL-rendering – Material database – Wall, Floor and Roof panels and roof trusses
  • Automatic panel drawings
  • Automatic truss structure drawings
  • Automatic joist & rafter layout drawings – Bill of materials, Cutting lists – First year support and maintenance
  • Add-On modules: – Vertex Standard CSV NC interface
    – Vertex Truss Design module, (AS/NZS Standards)
    The software will be delivered to the Buyer in electronic form.
    The software license is secured with Vertex NetVid internet based activation code.