Old Town Reconstruction Light Gauge Framer wall system application in Euro

Time: 2022-02-07 From: Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Old Town Reconstruction Light Gauge Framer wall system application in Euro

The land system implemented in most countries and regions of the world is private ownership, including China before liberation. Therefore, in cities around the world, you can see the layout of a house with one household along the street like the one below.

Similar buildings can still be seen in the pre-liberation legacy buildings, all of which have been used for nearly a hundred years. Repairs and modernization upgrades need to be resolved. This issue introduces several cases of similar building repairs in Europe for reference.

Application 1:

A two-story brick-and-wood structure along the street, a wooden-roofed roof, and a neighbor on the right side have been added. The transformation is to demolish the original roof and add a layer.

Use a slipper to transport construction waste.



Application 2:

The transformation is to demolish the roof of the log structure, and use the cold-formed thin-walled steel to redo the attic and the roof, increase the skylight and improve the lighting.

Add a small X-bracing to keep the plate stable.



Application 3:

This case is for expansion (or new construction). It seems that it is not easy to buy land anymore. This narrow plot is not well designed, and it is really difficult to use.

The biggest highlight of this project is the process of window coverings.


The steel plate is welded to the whole convex window, the construction is simple and waterproof, and the final effect is also very modern.

Application 4:

Application 5:

Flat roof, SBS coil waterproof

The light gauge steel walled steel system has the advantages of flexibility, light weight and seamless docking with wood structures, which can play a great advantage in similar renovation projects.