Quick input Software For CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Time: 2024-04-23 From: Dahezhongbang (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

1.View the 3D panoramic view of purlins, with options to change the display color of purlins and switch between CZ steel types freely; switch between front and side views.

2. Features both relative and absolute input methods. Batch hole additions for single batches of purlins use a tabular input method, which allows for quick data input—entering data for one hole position only takes 1/3 of the original time, saving time, effort, and worry.

3. Uses 3D mode to verify input data, where hovering the mouse over will display hole position information for comparison with required specifications, and allows for checking and exporting of lists; errors in input are discovered immediately.

4. Only requires one office staff, who can input production data for multiple devices in the office before production starts.

5. Data is transferred directly to the equipment, and offline data input does not affect machine production.