Company brief

Xiamen Dahezhongbang Construction Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in January 2016 and
located in Xiamen, Fujian, China. It is a subsidiary of Dahezhongbang (xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. , a listed
company of New OTC Market .
Accumulating technical elites from the global CFS building field and high quality resources such as frontier market
dynamics, new material information, establishing long-term professional cooperation with many well-known universities and
research institutions both domestic and abroad, the company dedicates to provide customers with comprehensive technical
service solution in architectural industrialization research, talent training, whole house purchasing and distribution, prettify
prefabricated building by intelligent technology.
The company has won praises from customers domestic and abroad for its compliance with specifications, high quality,
technology preciseness, professional service. Its products and services are marketed all over China and also exported to many
developed countries and regions around the world such as United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
The company places steady strategy and has become earlier to invest and construct the 5-in-1 CFS building 4S -level
purchasing center which combines house selecting, experience, training, supermarkets and factories and embraces the CFS
building villa boutique park integration. This does not only realize the milestone of selling a house like a car, it also packs the
architectural industrialization into a tangible service product to create an innovative business model of prefabricated building
The company is determined to enable every family to enjoy the happy life brought by intelligent buildings, and provide
intelligent and comprehensive solutions for the prefabricated building industry which is more environmental friendly, safer,
comfortable , efficient and economic.To achieve the beauty of CFS building with intelligent technology.

CFS Building Concept

CFS(Cold-Formed Steel)building Intelligent building, Digital building ,Green building

Cold-Formed Steel building(abb. CFS building),which main material is Cold-Formed Steel by hot-dip
galvanized (aluminum-plated zinc) with a wall thickness of 0.8-3.0 mm, U-shaped and the C-type CFS as a structure of the
main load bearing support or the main cladding system, which are connected into a wall frame through self-tapping
self-drilling screws, the spacing of the CFS is generally 300-600 mm, the heat-insulating and sound-insulating material is
filled in CFS, and the two sides of the CFS are covered with a structural plate or an enclosure plate, it is a “Rib structure”
The method is mainly applied to the lower layers (3F and below) and the multi-layer house (6F and below). The support
and the combination of the connector/jointer parts are added through the accurate calculation, so as to achieve
reasonable bearing capacity to replace the traditional house.

CFS building is assembled on the site with prefabricated parts produced by factories. They are an important part of
industrial houses and are characterized by standardized design, factory production, construction assembly, integrated
decoration, and informatization management.

The construction technology of the CFS building is developed on the basis of the wood structural construction
technology of the North American style, and through the development of the 50-year period, The CFS buildings has been
recognized in many countries, particularly in the United States and Australia.The CFS building technology is also becoming
more and more perfect, and now, the CFS building is also widely used in China. It is simple,safe and innovative.It will also be
the development direction, standardization,modularization,generalization and prefabrication of the CFS building in the
future, and become a new developing trend of the green building in the future .

CFS building compare with traditional building

CFS building compare with traditional building